How To Maximize ROI With Your Zirocco

Line Marking
How To Maximize ROI With Your Zirocco

The Zirocco Surface dryer is an innovation that is taking the line marking industry by storm at the moment. As the Winter weather sweeps over the UK, snow and rainfall are slowing down marking jobs due to being postponed and cancelled.

The Zirocco can change this.

Not only does it maximise efficiency on your line marking job, but it also extremely cost-efficient. There are ways to utilise your Zirocco to ensure you get a large ROI.

Firstly, the Zirocco surface dryer itself massively speeds up the process of any line marking job in the Winter season. Just by using the Zirocco before applying the line markings, you are not only drying the surface but you are preheating it also. This removes a whole stage from a regular line marking job, saving costs in downtime, labour, and equipment.

It also is a relatively cheap machine to run as it is. This is mainly due to the fact that it runs on diesel and uses turbine fuel, and produces an effective job every time, allowing it to be running for as little time as possible.

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