Streetspace for London Guide

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Streetspace for London Guide

Road use is changing forever. As we navigate out of lockdown, the way we use the roads and the way the roads are marked out is going to change.

Getting the population “back to normal” in a safe and regulated manner presents considerable opportunities for the roads sector.

Gareth Powell, Managing Director of Surface Transport at TfL, said: “As people are choosing to walk and cycle, both for their essential journeys and for exercise during the lockdown it is vital that they have the space to do so safely and are able to continue socially distancing. The London Streetspace programme – providing more space for walking and cycling - will support that. It will also play a crucial role as London approaches the challenge of maintaining social distancing as restrictions on movement are relaxed.”

Good to see the Transport for London new Streetspace scheme branding – check out more here:

Options for both high quality black plastic stencils, and preformed thermoplastic for the road markings.

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