Today we are going to be talking to you about our Zirocco turbine drying machines, and comparing it to traditional methods of drying using a hot compressed air lance.

Traditional methods of surface drying such as hot compressed air lance's have been around for many years. Whilst the actual lance itself is simple the equipment it requires is bulky and hazardous. 

The truck needs to be large enough to carry a compressor and it takes up valuable space and also storage of at least 3 hazardous gas containers. 

With the combined gas and compressed air, and a noisy ignition, the mixture creates a dangerous lance operating at over 700deg Celsius 

They have a limited distance they can cover before having to move the truck they are attached to, they are fatiguing on the user physically, as they are very awkward to hold, and also create a very loud noise.  It relies heavily on operator skill to avoid damaging the surface and minimising risk to public around. The solution we offer is our Zirocco Turbine drying machines, which is a step towards removing many of these issues.

There are three different machines available, The M100, M50 and the Hammer Jet. These machines are far safer as they dry the surface using forced hot air and no naked flames. 

Even the fuel used, the JetPower X700, has a very low flammable risk. Investing in these machines reduces the requirement of the compressor size and volume of gas storage - increasing the space on the truck for more materials or reducing the requirement for a large truck.

As we can see from this demonstration, our machines are more versatile and user friendly, they are a lot less tiring with lower hand-arm vibrations, far below the daily exposure limit set by HSE, and as you can see the turbine dryer is easier to use as they are all wheeled machines which don't have to be lifted, meaning less user fatigue.

Using the Zirocco turbine dryers also minimises any risk of surface damage and disruption to the local area. The Zirocco is also quieter, the largest turbine dryer is 108dB at full power, compared to 120 decibels for a HCA Lance which is a large difference considering every extra 10 decibels is twice as loud. 

We also have a specific quieter machine which is 96 decibels, bringing benefits both to users and those in the surrounding area 

We have units available for demonstration, so if you are interested in a far more effective surface drying solution for use on your jobs with less operator danger, give us a call, give us a call on 023 9220 0606 or drop us an email at