Virtual EXPO | HammerJet | Surface Drying

Virtual EXPO | HammerJet | Surface Drying

In today's demonstration video we are going to talk to you about the Zirocco HammerJet...

One common challenge we encounter in this country is the weather.

As much as we love to talk about the weather, it is a huge challenge for line marking projects across the country and further afield, with it being critical that surfaces are dry before any lining or coating is carried out.

This is where Zirocco enter the scene. With the HammerJet, we have created the world's smallest and most versatile jet turbine dryer.

The lightweight and compact design ensures that it is easy to always have on site for many tasks across many varying scenarios and projects.

The HammerJet heats and cleans the surface prior to lining with no naked flames.

This is a huge advantage compared to many of the traditional gas torches and lances as the hot air is safer and works in many sensitive situations.

With its compact design, portability is never an issue with it being able to be easy to transport around and less fatigue for the user at under 20kg weight.

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