Zirocco HammerJet: The supreme service that is provided with this surface dryer

Zirocco HammerJet: The supreme service that is provided with this surface dryer

Hello and thanks for watching. Today I want to talk about the Zirocco range of machines and the support they offer through the telematics system.  It is not uncommon to run into challenges on site with any machines in use. Could be filters, fuel, ignitors, pumps, and many other things. 

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What is unique about the Zirocco dryers is the online telematics reporting back information, data and specifics about the machine in real-time.  Alerts can be sent so you can sort challenges before you get on site, and before it delays projects you have planned.  These alerts also go to our dedicated Zirocco team here in Meon Portsmouth, who have years of experience working with the turbine dryers, and we can dispatch new filters and other parts for delivery the next day.  We will be on the phone to you, keen to support and solve.

Moving away from issues that may crop up, the online telematics can also provide extremely accurate job reports with times, speeds, GPS tracking and more information from each time the machine is turned on.  This gives you the opportunity to accurately charge the service of drying to your clients.  You can accurately track how much fuel has been used, how quick the drying is and more so you can forecast timing and usage for the rest of any project.

All this support and data is available on the new and improved, user friendly, online web portal, with direct access to Zirocco engineers in Denmark if required.

Please drop me a note or call on 02392 200 606 and I’ll be happy to discuss this with you.  We look forward to supporting you on the journey to delivering great surfaces.