HardMaster W620 HA104 Polymer Modified Bedding Mortar

HardMaster W620 HA104 Polymer Modified Bedding Mortar


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HardMaster W620 is a high strength bedding mortar which provides exceptional performance in wet conditions. It has a guaranteed cure as it is a two component product and can achieve strengths of 40N/mm² in 3 hours. Typical applications include the bedding of inspection chamber frames/covers, stanchion posts, kerb stones, setts and other
street furniture installations. Compatible for use with concrete, brick and stone substrates. HardMaster W620 Bedding
Mortar complies with Department of Transport HD 27/04 Design Manual for Roads and Bridges HA104/09 and NRA MCDRW Vol 1 Clause 501.17.


Controlled quick setting
Fibre reinforced
High final strength
Exceptional performance in wet conditions
Guaranteed cure