Magma HardMaster W620 HA104 Polymer Modified Bedding Mortar 20kg Bucket
Magma HardMaster W620 HA104 Polymer Modified Bedding Mortar application

Magma HardMaster W620 CD534 Polymer Modified Bedding Mortar Red 20kg Bucket

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CD534 Bedding Mortar

HardMaster W620 is a high strength bedding mortar that provides exceptional performance in wet conditions. It has a guaranteed cure as it is a two-component product and can achieve strengths of 40N/mm2 in 3 hours. Typical applications include the bedding of inspection chamber frames/covers, stanchion posts, kerbstones, setts and other street furniture installations. Compatible for use with concrete, brick and stone substrates. HardMaster W620 Bedding Mortar co...

Product Features & Benefits...

  • Complies with CD534 requirements
  • Controlled quick setting
  • Fibre reinforced


Customer Benefits…

  • Guaranteed performance
  • Consistent use
  • High final strength


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Mar 03, 2022
Customer service team were very proactive and helpful. We needed two deliveries - both organised perfectly and once the works were completed a return pallet was also organised to restock unused items which worked perfectly. All round a great service.

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