Toolbox Tips [FREE Training Course] MAGMA SkidGrip R140

Toolbox Tips [FREE Training Course] MAGMA SkidGrip R140

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Welcome to Toolbox Tip's series...

ToolBox Tips is the latest FREE addition to our Training Academy. It's designed to show how easy it is to use our products from start to finish and show you the easiest way to apply our products in your day-to-day job.

Today we are focusing on Magma SkidGrip R140 is a thermoplastic repair system for anti-skid surfaces. It has an advanced formulation that retains flexibility even in cooler conditions, has anti-skid aggregates

We hope that you find the information here of some use, and serves as a good starting point before advancing your training across our range of online 'Lite' courses or face-to-face 'Pro' courses.

From everyone here at Meon we hope you enjoy the rich resource available to you, and that you find something of interest to develop yourself, your company and the sector at large.

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