PermaFyx L273 MMA Asphalt Repair HRA - 26kg Kit

PermaFyx L273 MMA Asphalt Repair HRA - 26kg Kit

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Permanent Asphalt HRA Repair

PermaFyx L273 MMA permanent asphalt repair is specifically engineered for the reinstatement of surfaces around ironworks, repairing potholes, and other defected asphalt surfaces. It is particularly effective for repairing asphalt due to its unique formulation. The MMA (methyl methacrylate) composition ensures excellent adhesion to the substrate and allows for flexibility, ensuring longlasting results. PermaFyx L273 has exceptional dur...

Features & Benefits...


  • Outlasts surrounding substrate - No repeat defects
  • No compaction required - no risk of disturbing freshly laid mortar around ironworks


  • PSV, texture depth & slip resistance meet highway requirements
  • Finish replicates hot-lay asphalt - repairs blend into surrounding surface


  • No hot works required - improved safety & sustainability
  • Easy to work - reduced fatigue with no stiff mixes
  • No large equipment required - improved efficiencies for small, reactive repairs

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Hi thanks for a great service as all…
Hi thanks for a great service as all ways delivered on time amazing as I ordered it all last minute very happy with the service and products keep up the good work many thanks.