Aryzta Food Solutions Yard Repair

Reinforcing Delivery Yards with Permanent MMA Concrete Repair Solution

Case Study

Delivery Yard Concrete Deterioration


Delivery Yard Concrete Repair Required

In Aryzta Food Solutions’ delivery yard, the concrete surfaces at HGV trailer stands had suffered significant deterioration.

These damaged areas increasingly trapped water and dirt, accelerating the wear and compounding the issue.

This deterioration presented operational challenges and potential safety risks, necessitating an urgent and robust repair solution to restore the yard’s functionality and safety.


MMA Concrete Repair PermaFyx L274

To tackle the concrete deterioration, Aryzta Food Solutions selected the new MAGMA MMA (Methyl methacrylate) concrete repair product, PermaFyx L274.

This product is engineered for extreme durability, with an MMA crosslink chemical bond that ensures a strong and long-lasting fix.

The solution was perfect for ensuring that the repairs could withstand the demanding conditions of a delivery yard, offering superior durability compared to traditional cementitious concrete repair products.

PermaFyx L274 - Permanent MMA Concrete Repair
Delivery Yard Concrete Repair with PermaFyx L274


Facility Concrete Repair Solution

By utilising PermaFyx L274, Aryzta Food Solutions’ delivery bays were quickly returned to normal operation, with minimal downtime for the repair process.

The repairs completed with this MMA solution have proven to be more durable than standard concrete repair methods, ensuring a longer lifespan.

This has led to reduced maintenance needs and enhanced safety in the delivery yard.

Completely Cold Applied System Used

PermaFyx L274 Concrete Repair Kit - 26kg
PermaFyx L274 Concrete Repair Kit - 26kg

Magma PermaFyx L274 | Permanent MMA Concrete Repair Kit

PermaFyx L274 permanent concrete repair is an MMA-based product designed for reinstatements around ironworks, failing utility reinstatements and other defected concrete surfaces, serving as an effective concrete patch repair solution.

The MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) formulation of the product enables fast curing even at low temperatures, allowing for a quick return to service in just 30 minutes.

PermaFyx L274 provides a permanent concrete repair with exceptional durability, capable of withstanding heavy traffic without losing surface texture and maintaining slip resistance over its lifetime.