RSMA Annual Conference & Dinner 2024

Thursday the 8th of February 2024

Meon at The RSMA Annual Conference 2024

#TeamMeon were excited to be back at the Road Safety Markings Association Annual Conference and Dinner this year, held at Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth on the 8th of February.

Featuring an indoor exhibition stand and our state-of-the-art exhibition trailer outside the venue, we made sure that our attendance bought as much value to the conference as possible.

 The motto for this year’s conference was ‘Securing the Future of the Road Marking Industry’, with the conference presentations covering a range of important subjects of interest within the highways industry, its future, recruitment, retention and men’s mental health.

Meon On Tour Trailer

Meon's Ontour Trailer at The RSMA Annual Conference

“It was a really great day, all the presentations were incredibly interesting, in particular Chevron's was very sobering to watch.

 It gave us a greater understanding of some of the physical challenges the men and women have to endure when working on live highway lanes.

It was also great to hear the discussion surrounding the new technologies in development to help protect the livelihood of these workers and make their lives safer.

We were very interested in the new technologies surrounding line marking which we will be interested to see how they develop.”

– Tony Mann, Managing Director at Meon

It is clear the highways industry is made up of an incredibly insightful network of fantastic companies and individuals. The networking opportunity presented by the conference and evening dinner highlights how our values are aligned for the future of the industry, with implementing new sustainable methods of practise, digital transformation and tackling the other challenges we face along the way.

Conference hall RSMA Annual Conference and Dinner

RSMA Annual Conference and Dinner 2024

“Excellent day at the RSMA Conference – Connecting with industry experts and like-minded professionals made the day truly enjoyable and insightful.

It’s great to see that even at the top level of operations and management, a huge area of focus is on the workforce, not just creating more opportunities, but nurturing and developing the existing people who are crucial for the day-to-day delivery of projects.

The focus on mental health was important and something that can be overlooked. Everyone has a huge roll to play in the development of this industry, we are all responsible to look out for one another.”

- Charles Spencer, Sales Manager at Meon

We can’t wait for the next opportunity to exhibit and welcome you aboard the Meon OnTour Trailer.

Catch us on the 17th of April, in Birmingham at the ADEPT Live Labs 2 Expo 2024, plus plenty more exhibition dates throughout the year. Watch this space!

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