ADEPT Live Labs 2 Expo 24'

Wednesday the 17th of April 2024

Meon Live Labs 2 Product Trials
DfT and Live Labs 2 Logo

Meon were proud to be exhibiting at The ADEPT Live Labs 2 2024 Expo at the Birmingham Conference and Events Centre on April 17th - Uniting principal partners, investigators, stakeholders and project teams to review the first year's accomplishments of this decarbonisation initiative.

Meon at BCEC

The ADEPT Live Labs 2 Expo @ The BCEC

The Expo was completely booked, with close to 200 individuals participating in a day filled with inspirational speakers, decarbonisation experts, showcases and great conversations about decarbonising the UK's roads.

 Considered the largest initiative of its kind worldwide, Live Labs 2 is a three-year, UK-wide £30 million programme, designed to tackle decarbonisation across the UK's local road system.

Live Labs 2 Expo Agenda 2024

The Live Labs 2 Expo Agenda

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) is delivering the programme, financed by the Department for Transport, which is scheduled to continue until 2026.

Closely involving the UK's local highways authorities along with the broader highways, transport, and environment sectors, the Expo displayed projects and solutions that aid in the reduction of carbon usage within local highways infrastructure and assets.

Live Labs 2 PermaFyx

PermaFyx Showcase at The Live Labs 2 Expo

Live Labs 2 includes seven projects, grouped by four interconnected themes, led by local authorities working alongside commercial and academic partners. Each project is testing new solutions to decarbonise construction and maintenance across the whole life cycle of the local highway network.

Meon are pleased to be involved in 4 of the 7 Live labs Projects, enabling us to showcase our innovative cold-applied solutions.

The recent Live Labs 2 Pothole Repair Project was a great opportunity for Meon to showcase our expertise and bring to light more sustainable and efficient pothole repair methods

The innovative solutions utilised during the Live Labs 2 Pothole Repair Project:

PermaFyx L273 – The revolutionary permanent cold-applied asphalt repair material.

InstaGrid Power Pack – Instant portable lithium ion-energy electricity, capable of peak 18,000 W (80A) and rechargeable in 2.5 hours.

Husqvarna Disc Cutter & Dust Extraction - Compact, lightweight and highly versatile battery powered disc cutter and dust extraction system.

Tracing Pro and Fluo TP Hydro – Instant spray acrylic line marking aerosol and short-term water-based marking out aerosol.

Live Labs 2 Project Birmingham
Live Labs 2 PermaFyx Project
Carpark Pothole Repair PermaFyx

Cold-Applied Reinstatement Solutions Demo for ADEPT Live Labs 2 Project

Following these projects, The Live Labs 2 Expo served as a fantastic chance for follow-up and learn about the project progress, whilst also sharing information to attendees regarding the ongoing Live Labs 2 projects - Showcasing the innovative ideas, instruments, services and technologies being utilised.

Attendees were able to gain further insight into the decarbonisation discussions, discover cutting-edge technology, hear from industry experts and engage in thought-provoking conversations.

Meon LiveLabs2 Expo

Centre of Excellence for Decarbonising Roads at Live Labs 2 Expo

Neil Gibson, Chair of the Live Labs 2 Commissioning Board, said:

"The Live Labs 2 Expo was an incredible success and a real wow moment for all of us involved, as we saw the results and research achieved in just one year.

It was an important opportunity for everyone involved to meet, check in and learn about the development of each project so far to discover the innovations and materials we need to deploy to succeed with the objectives of Live Labs 2."

Meon Live Labs 2 Expo
Meon at LiveLabs 2 Expo

Meon's exhibition at The ADEPT Live Labs 2 Expo

If you missed out on the opportunity to come along to this Live Labs 2 Expo, don't miss out on the newly announced online event - 'ADEPT Live Labs 2 Mini Expo', taking place on Tuesday the 14th of May.

Live Labs 2 Online Expo

Whether you seek improved practicality, cost-effective solutions, or a shift toward sustainability, Meon offers specialised resources and advisors to guide you on your journey.

If you require specialist advice regarding cold applied line marking or surface repair, click here.

Alternatively, to learn more about the VIP Experience hosted by Meon at our HQ in Portsmouth or if you are interested in scheduling an OnTour Exhibition visit, please click here.

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