Blacklion Cycle Lanes & Road Markings | Wicklow County Council | Meon Case Study

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Blacklion Cycle Lanes & Road Markings | Wicklow County Council | Meon Case Study


Blacklion Manor, Greystones, Ireland


Wicklow County Council engaged with Meon in July 2021 when seeking a solution for low carbon materials to complete road markings and coloured cycle lane surfacing for an active travel project at Blacklion Manor in Greystones, an urban residential area close to public schools and food supermarkets. Materials selected for this project were; UltraGrip L244 for colouring of cycle lanes at conflict points and signalised junctions and UltraLine L210 for all associated road markings to cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings.


UltraGrip L244 is a cold applied Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) coating with guaranteed SRV of 55+ for colouring of cycle route surfaces and was chosen for its reduced macro-texture depth, resulting in a more consistent surface finish than traditional high friction surfacing materials, in turn improving cyclist comfort and momentum. Along with this, being a hard-wearing MMA based material with 2 million wheel pass durability performance, the client will benefit from reduced maintenance cost of refreshing in years to come.

UltraLine L210 is a cold applied Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) marking material for road markings at high-stress locations subject to heavy traffic. It was chosen for its increased durability performance (approx. 300%) compared to traditional materials, reducing the need to maintain the markings at this safety-critical school route, improving safety and reducing disruption. Along with this, being a material with an estimated 60% reduction in carbon output compared to standard materials, it was the preferred choice for the client trying to reduce carbon emissions for projects like this


Installation of these materials was carried out by Wicklow County Council’s framework contractor for road markings, in July 2021, with supervision and support provided by Meon at the time of application to ensure client satisfaction.


‘’Wicklow County Council and its line marking contractor were very happy with the product. It’s readily mixed on-site and easily applied to give a nice finish which is comfortable to cycle on and has good skid resistance in the wet. The finish is readily repaired with a new localised application as opposed to a full refurbishment. Being a cold applied product was particularly appealing to the contractor’s operatives who are used to working with Thermoplastic Materials‘’


UltraGrip L244 MMA Hard Wearing Cycleway Coating
UltraLine L210 MMA Hard Wearing Line Marking Paint


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