On Demand Project

Meon provide dedicated project support utilising a national network of approved installers. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements on more detail.


We recognise that a line or surface repair is not in itself a job but merely a way to achieve a larger requirement.

We work with end clients and asset owners to uncover this bigger picture, often around safety, productivity, audits, corporate look, footfall increase and the like to produce site design, recommend appropriate products and draft application instructions.


On instruction from the client, we will work with an approved installer who has been pre-screened and trained at our Advance Academy to deliver the works to the agreed specification.

Using the innovative workflow app, we can monitor performance and ensure safe practices are followed, reducing the administrative burden


Find out how you can join our network of approved installers, and submit new project requests...

On Demand is a Meon project where the company takes responsibility for product specification and installation as a central coordinator. Whilst we are not contractors, over years of experience we have worked with both end clients and contractors to provide right solutions and oversee good practice.

Contact us for more information or download and complete the application form to become an approved installer.