High Visibility Markings For Emergency Vehicle Parking

High Visibility Markings For Emergency Vehicle Parking


Meon approached Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance with a proposal to provide works in recognition of the important service they consistently provide in the community. The organisation welcomed the offer from Meon and outlined their desires for the project.


Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance were moving into a new unit which required a parking space. This parking space would be designated for emergency vehicle use only, therefore the design needed to reflect this. The client specified the need for high visibility markings that would illustrate the purpose of the parking space as an emergency vehicle only bay to prevent vehicles blocking the bay or using it for standard parking. It is essential that emergency vehicles can promptly access the space and not get blocked in.

Based on client specifications, the team at Meon created a design that would be clearly visible to drivers and understood by all as a designated parking space for emergency vehicles only. The bright green and yellow design would stand out against the standard parking spaces, and the bold lettering inside the space would make clear to drivers that the space is designated for emergency vehicles and cannot be used for any other purpose. The client was pleased with this design and gave their permission for Meon to commence work on the project.


Weather conditions were perfect for work to commence on the parking space at the new unit set to house the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service. The team began work by priming the surface ready for painting with UniPrime L257. Following this, the bay was painted with UltraGrip L244 in green. Once the green bay had sufficiently dried, a stencil designed by the team at Meon was placed on the bay and ViaLine F216 in yellow was sprayed over it to mark out the lettering using a LineLazer ES 500 line marking machine. This line marking machine and the yellow ViaLine F216 were also used to paint the outer lines of the parking bay. In addition to the work on the emergency vehicles only bay, the team re-marked the general car parking bays with ViaLine F216 in white.

Emergency Parking Bay Painted


The works were completed successfully in one day, and the client was pleased with the outcome. Gemma Brennan, Marketing Manager at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service said this of the experience:

“Kind, generous and supportive. We are enormously grateful for your kindness in providing our new parking space for the emergency vehicles. It makes such a difference, and it looks amazing! Thank you, from all at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.”


Systems Used:

  • SPECTRUM UltraGrip L244 Green | Main block Colour
  • SPECTRUM ViaLine F216 Yellow | Outline and Lettering
  • SPECTRUM ViaLine F216 White | Parking Bays
  • SPECTRUM UniPrime L257 | Concrete and Asphalt primer
  • GRACO LineLazer ES 500 | Spraying Lines, Coatings, and Stencils
  • Black Plastic Stencil

This project was a success for all involved, a parking bay was provided that will make emergency vehicle parking at the new air ambulance unit efficient and easy.

Emergency Vehicles Only Bay Handshake