Line Marking M1 J7 Dublin | Ireland | Meon Case Study

Line Marking
Line Marking M1 J7 Dublin | Ireland | Meon Case Study


M1 J7, Dublin,  Ireland


Northlink, the maintenance delivery partner for Celtic Roads Group’s PPP scheme on M1 motorway north of Dublin, presented Meon with an opportunity to trial a hard wearing road marking material at a busy motorway junction on the network where markings historically required refreshing annually. The location chosen was a heavily trafficked small radius roundabout on the northbound side of M1 Junction 7, with AADT approx. 20,000 vehicles including 2-4% HGV traffic.


The material selected for this location was UltraLine L210, which is a cold applied Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) marking material for extrusion or hand application to high stress locations subject to heavy traffic. To achieve the required retro-reflectivity performance, Highway Grade 600 AC05 Type I RL Glass Beads for MMA were applied by an electric powered hand guided bead dispenser.


Installation of this material was completed on 8th July 2021, to dashed white centreline of the roundabout, as well as yield lines and symbol to the westbound overbridge approaching the roundabout at this junction. These markings were applied onto existing worn and faded markings on an aged hot rolled asphalt surface showing heavy wear with exposed aggregates, particularly to the north-western quadrant of the roundabout.

As part of the trial regular retro-reflectivity testing and visual assessment is being carried out, with the first test completed on 4th November 2021. The results of this test displayed that after 4 months, average retro-reflectivity readings were in excess of 240mcd, 20% above the initial requirement of 200mcd. This testing and assessment will continue until May 2023, where the client will review overall performance with a view to incorporating such materials at other high traffic locations


‘’‘’The team at Meon offered Northlink M1 a hard-wearing road marking product for use in high trafficked areas. Good advice on the product and its application was provided, followed by a programme of testing to ensure quality was achieved. While the product is still under trial, early indications suggest it is performing very well‘’


UltraLine L210 Cold Applied MMA in white

Highway Grade 600 AC05 Type 1 RL Glass Beads


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