The Need:

The client maintains over 50 car parks that include coastal parking as well as town and village centre parking across its region maintaining them in accordance with UK law and local parking regulations.

To keep the lines in a suitable condition they have contracted out the line application to local contractors. However, in recent years they have found that they are left unable to levy parking fines and fees as the lines are in an unsuitable condition. They needed a more effective and responsive way of maintaining their car parking bays.


Meon introduced them to 3 possible solutions each providing them with an option that could be delivered quickly, internally and at low cost.

Option 1 the Purespray Driver which is an aerosol line marking trolley.

Its low-profile design and the central position of the drawbar provides strong stability making ideal for smooth application on uneven asphalt surfaces. The wide wheels and tread (32 mm) and long wheelbase secure straight running. The marking width is adjustable continuously from 5 to 12 cm. The recommended TRACING PRO aerosol line marking paint is hard wearing and comes in handy 750ml size making easy to change. The size makes it an ideal piece of equipment that can be kept in your support vehicle.


Option 2 The Ultraline Hand applied MMA line marking paint.

Supplied in 8kg kits the UltraLine provides a cold applied material which consistently outperforms traditional thermoplastic on durability and lifespan. It gives excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces and pavers. It cold application mean it is safe and environmentally friendly. It requires minimal investment in equipment and training and its availability in small kit form make it ideal for anyone considering maintaining their lines internally.


Option 3 The ES1000 Fully electric airless lining machine.

Powered by high output batteries, the LineLazer ES1000 enables you to go green while still delivering cold applied, highly durable materials. Suitable for internal or external lining, this small but highly effective machine can deliver noise free, fume free and carbon friendly lining.





Specifying A Project…

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