Reinstatement | Coventry Road, Marton | Meon Case Study

Bedding Mortar
Reinstatement | Coventry Road, Marton | Meon Case Study


Coventry Road, Marton


Balfour Beatty have recently engaged with Meon for a solution to a sensitive issue on Strafford Upon Avon High St. Following a successful resolution; the team presented the Meon team with an ironworks failure on the A423. The location of this failure was at a traffic pinch-point, which meant many larger vehicles were pushed tight up against the kerb. This caused the ironwork to be constantly exposed to the wheel tracks of HGV’s and agricultural equipment and was being consequently battered


Once the ironworks had been lifted, re-bedded, we were able to backfill with HardMaster W615 rapid set cementitious material with PermaFyx L271 (Been Replaced by PermaFyx L273) MMA surfacing system on top and ThermaBand R171 to overband. We then used MagmaLine R110 to reinstate the white edge line. The 2 Balfour Beatty operatives on site (Simon & Nick) were very supportive and quickly picked up the concept, making for a well-finished job


We will now monitor this repair to see how it fairs under the constant stream of traffic. Whilst we were working on this repair, the team was visited by a member of the local Parish and then the local residents whose properties were less than 3 meters away. They all expressed their gratitude and to quote, “Maybe I will be able to sleep at night without being constantly woken up”.


HardMaster W615

PermaFyx L271 (6mm) (Been replaced by PermFyx L273)

ThermaBand R171

MagmaLine R110


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