How To Apply Internal Line Marking Tape

How To's - Line Marking

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How to apply perfectly straight lines for internal line marking using Mighty Line tapes and Mighty Line Applicator.

1. Getting Started

Ensure the areas is clean, dry and free from dirt using suitable abrasive surface cleaners. 

2. Slide Roll Onto The Spindle

Slide the roll onto spindle and insert onto the MightyLine applicator (available from Meon). 

3. Feed The Tape Through The Rollers

Feed the tape through the rollers and manually apply the first 300mm in the desired area, ensure there is correct adhesion, alignment of the tape. 

4. Using the Applicator

Slowly push the applicator forward making sure everything is operating smoothly. Keep a consistent pressure and movement to ensure you create accurate lines. 

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MightyLine Tape is available from Meon in a variety of colours.

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