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In the UK there are an estimated 20,000 Car Parks, and to the UK Government, car parking and fines equate to over half a billion in revenue. Car Parking is big business… are you making the most out of your asset? 

1. Effective Line Marking

If car park markings are faint or not visibly reflective at night, car park users, may unintentionally park over multiple spaces, meaning less potential revenue. At night lines are difficult to see in unlit car parks, one way to combat this is by using reflective beads. Reflective beads are made from smooth glass material akin to a sand like material. Car park line reflectivity is increased when they are applied with the paint and are particularly effective with a pressurised bead system. Alternatively, installers can use reflective preformed marking tapes that have reflective beads embedded within the product. There are also other car parking symbols available from our preformed ThermaMark range which comes in different formats. Please get in touch with one of our specialist to get a full list of our ThermaMark products.

2. Making the Most Out of Your Space

The layout of a car park is as important as the lines that you put down, and there are a few things you should consider before dusting off the LineLazer and start refreshing those lines. Are you making the most out of your current layout?

Professor David Percy has proved that it is possible to improve your car parking capacity by over 20%, by changing the layout of the car parks, though bear in mind that typically these alternative layout work best for larger car parks.

3. Every Space Counts

Car parks with potholes or poor drainage are a drain on your asset, reducing the revenue potential either directly or indirectly. Few people want to park in a puddle or potentially damage their car in spaces with a pothole. Meon have created cold lay pothole repair kits, which require no specialist or hot equipment, check out the video below.

4. Who will be using the car park

A recent study by charity Anchor highlights that the potential loss for retailers due to neglecting the ‘grey pound’ could amount to as much as £4.5bn. With an aging population and online competition increasing, asset owners may benefit in making their car park more accessible as a way of increasing footfall to outlets.

Accessibility is a hot topic and a recent article in the telegraph highlights the first car park to install electric recharging facilities for disabled users. Meon have recently created a how to line a electric bay and how to create accessible car parking spaces for car park users, which will be available shortly.

Make sure you design the car park for it’s intended audience, including disabled, electric and child parking bays. See our video on how to line mark a disabled bay.

5. Improving Traffic Flow

Navigating car parks is a significant concern for drivers with 27 per cent saying they have difficulty knowing which way to go (Source: BPA). Clearly the efficient flow of traffic and pedestrians though a car park contributes greatly to customer satisfaction, safety and footfall.

This can be improved though well-marked vehicle routes, bays for different car park users, pedestrian walkways and way-markers directing people to retailers and businesses. Find out more practical tips in our white paper or speak to us today.

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