Build Back Better
Session 3: Collaboration

Build Back Better <br>E-Conference <br>Session 3: Collaboration

Build Back Better
Session 3: Collaboration
[Presented by ADEPT]

Collaboration... the synergies it creates and the opportunities to deliver more focused and relevant outputs in all aspects of a contract. Providing an insight into how the new highways sector Council fits into helping the coordination of a more integrated sector approach.

The purpose for this free event is how the highways sector can utilise the significant uplift in long term investment promised by Government, to make a lasting positive impact in the communities that we all serve.

In these difficult times whether we manage a highways business, manage a highways network or even work within one of these organisations we are all facing professional challenges – this event looks at some of the key challenges, the way forward and some of the opportunities that may just exist within those challenges.

We hope you enjoy the session...