Cold lay vs Hotworks | MMA Road Surfacing Repair | Virtual EXPO 2.0

Cold lay vs Hotworks | MMA Road Surfacing Repair | Virtual EXPO 2.0

Current methods of repairing road defects or reinstatements in roads all have their limitations.

There are cold applied bituminous based repair materials,  (which work well for pothole repair and deep reinstatements) but they are not effective when used as a thin lay application. 

Then there are the hot applied repair materials which may provide a more permanent repair but bring with it a host of issues such as the danger of the hot product and the methods of heating, the large equipment required means higher overall costs and increased impact on the environment.

The PermaFyx L271 brings in a whole new solution for asphalt repairs and reinstatements.

PermaFyx L271 is a cold applied product, improving the safety for the installer ...other hot applied products are heated up to 200 degC when applying, which is very dangerous. Removing the need to heat up the product also reduces environmental impact.

There is no large equipment required either, so the cost of installation will be significantly lower - All that's needed to install the PermaFyx L271 is a drill with whisk attachment , and a trowel. Not even a plate compacter is needed, as this product has no need for compaction.

This system also saves a great deal of time compared to a hot application. Time is saved by not having to wait for the product to be heated to the right temperature, even if this can be done in the yard before getting to the application, that time still needs to be set aside for a hot lay repair, whereas with the PermaFyx L271 you can apply the product immediately and move on to the next job.

On top of these benefits, PermaFyx L271 will outperform any hot lay material because it is an MMA based product with brilliant... adhesion and maintains its slip resistance after continuous trafficking which cannot be achieved with a bituminous based product.

PermaFyx L271 is also a very versatile product which can be used in deep fill applications such as pothole repair, right down to thin-lay applications of 3mm for repairing scarred or crazed surfaces.

There are 3 different finish options using 2 and a half mm, 2-6mm or 6-10mm aggregate all of which have excellent slip resistance. Pre-coated chippings can also be added to improve the slip resistance further.

We have been working with our customers demonstrating and testing this product.

There is a wealth of information on our website - - such as white papers, data sheets and more.

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