Delivering highway performance with safety from our ES Roadliner

Delivering highway performance with safety from our ES Roadliner

With the release of the LineLazer ECO ES RoadLiner back in October 2021, the introduction of this innovation into the line marking industry was the first of its kind in the UK. Bringing an all-electric line marking machine that delivers durable highway performance lines. This is the first of its kind in the UK, the machine is a groundbreaking innovation for the highways line marking industry. In addition to being a high performance system, it also supports the central government objectives  of achieving net zero carbon.

Too often, though, innovations in technology result in a new focus, and previous hard-won improvements can be lost. With the ES RoadLiner there are three key features that we where determined to hang on to whilst innovating for the industry... safety, durability, and sustainability.

The first in this series is to explore the key safety features and understand what makes it so safe for highway line marking jobs.

The ES Roadliner needed to be safe for the operator and capable of doing big jobs with a small support unit. It has been designed to tackle urban works in tight locations where access is tight and potentially dangerous to the public for conventional line marking trucks. We wanted to avoid hot works, this has been the single most significant cause of incidents within the line marking industry and is an ongoing risk to the general public.

ES Roadliner

With the UK’s default product for line markings across the country being thermoplastic, there is a need to use alternative cold applied systems to ensure the net-zero target of 2050 can be achieved.

The transfer to cold applied line marking systems has been very slow in this country when compared with other western European countries. As industry leaders we must recognise the environmental and economical benefits of using a safer technology.

The ES Roadliner can help massively in this transfer, with the ability to apply cold line markings at a highway grade level; whether that is using water-based, solvent based paints or MMA (methyl methacrylate) systems, this is a significant step in the right direction.

It can also reduce the number of operatives physically out on the highway when in use, with scope to operate the machine using a two-man crew.

Also, another safety element is that there is no need to carry or use any gas canisters out on the road. This helps to reduce carbon emissions and improve the safety of operatives and the public by reducing hazards.

The ES Roadliner is the future of line marking for the highways industry from a safety and envoiromental point of view. When using it to apply MMA systems, there is potentional to provide road markings that are 60% more visible at night than conventional methods, bringing an added safety benefit for road users.

If you want to know more about the UK first all-electric highway performance line marking machine or discuss how we can help you towards your net-zero targets, please get in contact.