Focus on the durability elements of the ES RoadLiner

Focus on the durability element of the ES RoadLiner

The second in our series exploring the durability elements of the ES RoadLiner machine, and how it produces durable highway grade line markings.

With the release of the LineLazer ECO ES RoadLiner back in October 2021, the introduction of this innovation into the line marking industry was the first of its kind in the UK. It is bringing an all-electric line marking machine that delivers highway performance lines and maintains high durability!

The ES RoadLiner is ground-breaking innovation for the highways line marking industry, but most importantly, a driving force towards net zero carbon highways. Too often, though, innovations in technology result in a new focus, and previous hard-won improvements can be lost.

With the ES RoadLiner there were three key features that it was determined to hang on to whilst innovating for the environment... safety, durability, and sustainability.

Building a machine using proven engineering was essential. We chose to use Graco pump systems and drive train because of their proven reliability in the industry for over 30 years. A machine that had the ability to apply a range of marking types was key, from water and solvent based, two pack epoxy and, finally, a high-performance MMA system.

The ES Roadliner is built on an engineered subframe and wheel gear to ensure full durability for the operator, and the delivery of both straight and curved lines to a high degree of accuracy.

Overall, the unit weighs 590kg and includes 6 AGM batteries. Sufficient charge to outlast a 10-hour shift and a recharge time of only 4 hours.

ES Roadliner and trailer

There is the capacity to carry up to 55 litres or 100kg (1.2 kilometres by 100mm wide) of paint material and 50kg (500m by 100mm wide) of glass beads.

The ES RoadLiner also includes an onboard computer system, enabling it to deliver durable skip markings without the need for pre-marking.

The driver unit connected to the chassis has more than adequate power to enable the machine to handle gradients up to 1:10 safely. The unique benefits of the drive unit are the ability to both travel speeds of up to 16kph and set the cruise control to ensure when applying lines.

A consistent application dosage rate is achieved to deliver maximum durability of the product and its life span. Line performance is directly proportional to bead application accuracy; hence we have a pressurised bead system that guarantees a constant dosage applied immediately after spraying the line.

Typically applications are made between 1.5 and 2kph (kilometres per hour). When supported by the direct drive, pumps can deliver up to 8km of 150mm of all-around high-performance markings in a single shift. Overall, the ES Roadliner can give you up to 300% more durable line marking depending on the used product, which results an improved whole life costs.

If you want to know more about the UK’s first all-electric highway grade performance line marking machine, or discuss how we can help you towards your net-zero targets, please get in contact.