Graco LineLazer ES 2000: What makes it so good?

Graco LineLazer ES 2000: What makes it so good?

Graco is a globally recognised manufacturer of high-performance line marking machines. The brand is recognised for its reliability and engineering excellence by industry experts. The range of machines designed for line marking has evolved rapidly since the first machine was launched in 1995. A key machine differential is the type of pump used, either a direct drive or a hydraulic controlled piston design. The direct-drive pump range has provided a relatively simple solution for many line markers with varying experience levels. 

In support of the global commitment to reduce carbon emissions, in 2017, Graco introduced the industry’s first electric airless line marking machine, the ES 1000 in 2017, capable of spraying up to 200 litres of paint per charge when fitted with 2 batteries. Then a couple of years later, the ES 2000 was launched with many additional features to further improve the performance of the electric machines.

Graco LineLazer ES 2000 front view spaying

The ES 2000 comes with a direct drive pump capable of pumping 4.6 litres per minute of paint, and with two 12-volt lithium batteries, a single charge easily outlasts a full 8-10 hour shift. It can be recharged in less than 8 hours, allowing over 4 kilometres of 100mm line to be applied. The choice of products able to be sprayed is also vast, with most solvent and water-based paints all well within the capabilities of this machine.

Whilst the machine has zero carbon output, operating at a maximum noise level of 86db ensures the machine can be used for internal projects or in sensitive locations without disturbing surrounding environments and has the power and features to deliver the highest productivity needed to tackle the large outdoor projects, as well as the internal jobs which require quiet, fume-free and vibration-free performance to achieve line marking of the highest quality. 

Graco LineLazer ES 2000 behind view spraying

The Automatic series has an onboard computer system which includes the capacity to automatically set out skip-line spacings, significantly reducing the pre-marking required for line marking schemes. With the auto-gun control switch, operators have instant control of spray gun action with the added benefit of decreased operator fatigue. Controls are clearly displayed on the LiveLook display and are easy to program for any operator.

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