Graco LineLazer ES 500: The What, Who, When, Why and Where

Graco ES 500 Line Marking Machine

Everybody has a toolkit. It may be a facility which needs everything from a broom to a hedge strimmer to keep your site safe and looking smart, or you may be a line marking contractor who needs a mixing drill, paint machine and everything in between. Whatever it is, there's a toolkit needed to help you get the job done.

The Graco LineLazer ES 500 is an essential part of your toolkit. Why? Because it allows you to keep your site safe and smart at all times by simply and quickly refreshing any basic painting requirements, whether it's line markings in a warehouse or car park, disabled or informative markings, curb markings or even spraying walls!

How is the ES 500 Unique?

So how is the LineLazer ES 500 different to any of our other paint machines? We're glad you asked...

The LineLazer ES 500 is the most straightforward airless spray machine available in the market. It is incredibly easy to learn how to use the machine, so you don't need to have a specialist in your team, you can even have multiple guys learn how to use it so that whenever a painting requirement comes up, someone can get it done without having to wait on one person who may be busy. Also, the ease of use will give you a quick return on investment as your team won't need weeks/months to figure it out but can start spraying quality markings from day 1.

Another big difference, the LineLazer ES 500 is powered by standard DeWalt batteries. It's a system everyone is familiar with. The process of charging and swapping out batteries is so easy. It offers uninterrupted, continuous use without worrying about whether the machine will run out of power.

Graco ES 500 Battery slot

This machine is also very compact and light at only 55kg. It's a minimal hassle to find somewhere to store it, very manageable to lift it in and out of vehicles or up steps and is a delight to use with little fatigue.

Who needs it?

The LineLazer ES 500 is a valuable addition to anyone's toolkit:

Asset Owner – you need to make sure your property is kept in a suitable condition, that includes any line markings, internal or external, car park markings, etc. If you already look after property maintenance internally, then the ES 500 will allow you to increase the amount of your team capable of doing this work, and you can be more flexible and more efficient carrying out the work. If you currently outsource the maintenance, this machine may open up the opportunity for you to bring it in-house with minimal hassle.

Rail Contractor – most station platforms are accessed via a flight of steps, often its easier if there's a nearby level crossing to push the machine from there along to the platform but that's still not the most convenient way to get a machine onto the platform. This machine would make a huge difference, being able to easily carry it down to platforms and between platforms.

Surfacing contractor – line marking isn't your main job. However, most surfacing jobs require new markings on top once complete. For larger jobs the best option is to leave it to a line marking contractor, but for the smaller jobs such as a 20-bay car park it's a great value add to be able to complete the markings as well, and with the LineLazer ES 500 it really isn't that hard to deliver on.

Facilities Maintenance Contractor – the LineLazer ES 500 is an absolute essential for your toolkit. Where line marking maintenance is included in your contracts, this machine will allow you to quickly and easily refresh a facilities markings with the most compact and simple piece of kit.

Local Authority – It may be your responsibility to maintain public car parks or similar areas within your area. you're not line marking every day so you don't need a big machine capable of heavy, daily use. the LineLazer ES 500 is a great, cost-effective solution which will fit in a small van and is perfectly capable of refreshing a reasonable size car park with a couple of batteries.

Line Marking Contractor – The LineLazer ES 500 is not designed for heavy, daily use. However, it's the perfect machine to have available if you get a small job which doesn't need a big machine's output, and it's easier to transport, unload and use, making the job a lot more efficient for you. Or you may currently have a petrol machine and get kickbacks for internal jobs with the fumes and noise, the ES 500 is ideal for these jobs.

 The Graco LineLazer ES 500 is available to order now from Meon, check out further details on our website or get in touch today on 02392 200 606 or emailing