Urban regeneration projects often incorporate trees into the design, one of the challenges faced by architects and specifiers is seamlessly integrating these trees into the planned look of the project without ugly tree grills which trap loose debris, leaves and rubbish. 

Finding the right balance between the natural style of the environment and the sometimes harsh settings of urban areas is a tough job. There’s growing evidence of the health benefits of trees in urban environments. But sustainably incorporating them into projects has remained a challenge.

The benefits of using DekorGrip resin bound in a tree pit system can improve the aesthetics and also allow for a creative options previously unavailable. DekorGrip Resin Bound Tree Kits allow for different aggregate colours and materials being used when installing to your specification.

In more rural areas DekorGrip Rubber Mulch (which has been formed to look similar to traditional wood chippings) is an ideal replacement for traditional bark. DekorGrip Rubber Mulch is made from a 100% recycled rubber and once it is laid forms a permanent mat encircling the trees providing a permeable attractive tree surround which does not degrade or disperse over time. The rubber material allows free flow of water through the surface avoiding decomposition above the trees roots. 

DekorGrip Tree Pit System offers benefits that are not only environmental but a solution that improves the aesthetics of any surrounding. Effective installation means that the tree health exceeds traditional systems, ensuring that enough water is available, which means the tree doesn’t damage the surface above.

It also increases safety as the there is less migration of stone meaning fewer trip hazards. DekorGrip can be retrofitted around existing trees too, reducing trip hazards in challenging areas.


  • Low Maintenance: No Loose stone; does not scatter around
    Environmental: Allows free flow of air and water to the root zone. Reduces trapped litter around the tree.
  • Cost Effective: Less expensive and easier to maintain than grilles, only needing occasional cleaning.
  • Time-Saving: Highly effective weed control, eliminates the need for trimming and spraying, improving tree health.
  • Hard Wearing: Will support light vehicular traffic.

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