How Long Does MMA Last Compared To Thermoplastic?

How Long Does MMA Last Compared To Thermoplastic?

A very commonly asked question about MMA (Methyl Methcrylate) paint is – How long does it last?

Unfortunately, this question does not have a short and simple answer; it completely depends on many different variables as listed below:

  • Traffic volume
  • The surface type
  • The type of traffic
  • The application
  • And many more

The best way to get an idea is by using laboratory controlled environments and specific numbers of wheel passes. By doing this one product can be tested against another high performing product and get a comparison as to which lasts longer.

These tests provide results that allow exact ideas of how long something will last in controlled conditions to be deciphered.

There are many variables to consider when doing this, if all of these are bared in mind, the durability of material needed for a specific job should become more obvious, therefore making great savings. For example:

The above table is purely indicative 

The toughest materials are two pack resin products, potentially with additives such as beads or aggregate.

Medium – thermoplastics and heavy duty paints, also potentially with additives,

Light – typically single pack paints.

MMA paint has been tested and compared alongside the UK’s most commonly used product: Thermoplastic. The results showed that 1mm of MMA will last just as long as 3mm of Thermoplastic, given it is in the same location and receives the same amount of traffic.

For example, if a busy mini-roundabout was marked out in Thermoplastic and was only lasting 8 months, given that the traffic remained constant, the same roundabout would last 24 months when marked out in MMA.

Not only this, but MMA causes less disruption, saves money, and reduces road worker risk.


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