Industrial Floor Marking Guidelines: Guidelines & Benefits

Industrial Floor Marking Guidelines: Guidelines & Benefits

When it comes to any industrial warehouse space, it probably sees much action. It's mainly where most of the driving force of your business work, where your machinery or equipment lives and where your warehouse traffic travels. The hustle and bustle of your warehouse floor can the risk for employees to have an accident or be hurt.

An effective way to prevent potential injuries is by clearly marking permanent aisles and pathways with floor marking tape. Further to this, an expanded floor marking system incorporating a Lean workflow can improve the visual workplace concepts and standardising colour-coding can improve  efficiency.

The benefits to a leaner, more effective operation

If you were to go into any warehouse in the UK, you would tend to find the standardised floor marking colour systems used to help its employees, traffic, and guests associate certain areas by the colours used. This can then help them guide or quickly move around the facility to complete their tasks in a safe way. These systems allow them to:

  • Provide clear and visible points for important information. This can be anything from facility aisleways and exit paths clearly marked out, so that safe and guests can identify the safest route through the facility.
  • By keeping your warehouse floor organised through clearly marked zones. If you were to mark a cage or trolly that might be used across your warehouse and the area it belongs in, staff can easily associate where this should be stored when not in use.
  • By providing critical information points. These points point out hazardous areas, which are usually marked with bright colours (red/white/yellow).

 The benefits of Floor Marking Colour Schemes

There are many benefits to enjoy by introducing colour with your marking,Here are some reasons why

  • Improves efficiency through quicker understanding of what goes where.
  • Improves the situational awareness for those in that environment
  • Reduces the risk through easy understanding of hazards


Floor Marking Examples

Here are some example of where you will see the different colours in action across your facility.

floor marking examples

Floor marking colour standards guide

When it comes to floor marking colours, choosing the right colour in the right places throughout your facility lets you easily keep workers on the right path and identify equipment, storage areas, hazardous areas, forklift traffic, and much more. Do ensure that your site safety plan clearly outlines what colours mean what – the below chart is purely a guide, there will be variation between sites.

This colour guide will help your floor marking be consistent in your workplace:

floor marking colour standards guide

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