LCRIG Innovations Festival 2023 - Making The Case For Innovation

Tuesday the 4th - Wednesday the 5th of July, 2023

LCRIG Innovations Festival 2023

The Meon Team were back once again at Newark Showground, excited for the fantastic opportunity to be exhibiting once again, at this year’s LCRIG Innovations Festival.

The LCRIG Innovations Festival is hosted by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group, it provides local Authorities an opportunity to discover new innovations from the supply chain that can help them with meeting their current objectives, challenge their current methods of practise and inspire change.

The festival is tied to the LCRIG Innovation Fund, which encourages innovation by providing funding for innovation development and matches innovators with local authorities, looking to trial new products on their networks.

LCRIG Festival 2023 Opening

LCRIG Festival 2023 Opening 

Across the 2 days of the festival, a multitude of speakers took the stage in the exhibition hall, discussions surrounding emerging technology, maintenance solutions, skill development and innovation across the highways sector took place.

Meon had two exhibitions at the Festival, one of which was found inside the exhibition hall, with our Project Highways Zero (PHZ) campaign as the focus point – A campaign started in 2020, to highlight how carbon savings can be made across our highway and transportation infrastructure through innovation and challenging the current methods of practise, with line marking and surface repair.

We are always grateful for the chance to showcase and provide more information regarding our innovative cold applied products, share specialist advice and speak face-to-face with many local authority professionals.

Meon's Indoor Exhibiton Stand

Meon's Indoor Exhibiton Stand

“This years LCRIG Innovation Festival was another great opportunity to meet many from the local authority network. We found a growing appetite to embrace change from all levels of management and operatives’ staff which opens the way for proven innovations to be used on Britain’s Roads. Whilst many may not have witnessed our material demonstrations, video footage captured during the season tells it’s own story.”

Russell Smallridge, Head of Decarbonisation Strategy for Meon's Project Highways Zero Campaign

Meon Experience OnTour

In addition to our indoor exhibition hall stand, we had the chance to show off our brand new ‘On Tour’ trailer, in our road scene demonstration area outside.

The team provided many demonstrations of our innovative products over the two days of the festival, featuring PermaFyx, our fully cold applied permanent asphalt repair solution and sustainable line marking, using our fully electric Eco ES RoadLiner with our water based acrylic line marking paint, VersaLine.

Neil Potter, Head of Marketing at Meon was also present at the festival, 

“The event has given Meon an excellent opportunity to continue to share the work we are doing to help drive towards net zero highways. Our Eco Street scene and hand-on play zone allowed us to showcase a range of 100% fully cold applied solutions.”

The Meon Experience On Tour
The Meon Experience On Tour

The Meon Experience On Tour

Neil added,

“Meon took centre stage across the two days with featured demonstrations, focused around Repairing Roads The Right Way and Sustainable Line Marking For a Better Future. It was a great couple of days, with lots of meaningful conversions had.”

During the demonstration of VersaLine, we performed retro meter readings, to bring our audience perspective on the quality of our line marking paint and to showcase the high-performance glass bead technology.

A reading of ‘663’ was produced, well above the industry average for road making, usually found to be within the 80-100 range.

The combination of VersaLine and Starlight 1000 glass beads, applied with our flagship electric line marking machine, The Eco ES RoadLiner, proves the performance of our line marking solutions to be that of the highest quality, whilst achieving highway standards.

Meon Retro Meter Reading of 663

Retro Meter Reading of 663

Additionally we hosted our very own ‘Meon Play Zone’, providing a fun opportunity to try out our Surface Repair Products and have a hands-on experience with an Electric Line Marking Machine. A series of challenges focused on accuracy and effective applications, were hosted by our team were received well by all visitors, both experienced and novice users.

We hope everybody who got involved had a great time! We would like to say a huge well done to everyone who took part, stay tuned for the announcement of the winner soon!

The Meon PlayZone
The Meon PlayZone

The Meon PlayZone

It was great to see so many of our customers and meet new connections excited about the future of decarbonisation, within the highways industry.

It was especially nice to catch up with the team from Nottingham City Council, who we have been collaborating with and helping to assist in meeting their decarbonisation objectives and introducing the self-delivery of line marking.

Our recent case study was featured at our exhibition stand, where we were able to share the successes of our on-going partnership with the Parking Services Team, to find out more click here.

Meon @ LCRIG Innovations Festival 2023

Meon @ LCRIG Innovations Festival 2023

Nominated for the LCRIG Innovations Award for the category of Surfacing, Meon were proud to present our revolutionary cold applied asphalt repair solution, PermaFyx L273.

This game-changing product offers a permanent and fully cold applied alternative system to traditional hot lay asphalt repair methods.

Our new innovative system not only ensures durable and compliant repairs, but also eliminates the need for hot works and challenges the current methods of practise that could be considered outdated and in need of innovative, environmentally focused change.

Meon look forward to receiving the results in the coming weeks and give thanks to everybody who voted for our entry, whilst exploring the event.

We thank LCRIG for putting on another great festival, we look forward to further collaboration with the group and all its members.

To find out more about how Meon can help assist with your decarbonisation strategy, alongside Project Highway Zero, our sponsor campaign, click here.

If you require specialist advice regarding cold applied line marking or surface repair, click here.

See below for our LCRIG Innovations Festival 2023 event highlights video.

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