Meons Training Academy: Come Learn how to apply our cold lay reinstatement products

Magma PatchMaster Training Academy Course


This year's first Training Academy instalment is on our Magma PatchMaster asphalt reinstatement products. 

Magma PatchMaster range from Meon are cold applied bitumen based surface reinstatement systems, offering improved safety for the installer, removing the need for large equipment, and outperforming other traditional methods of reinstatement or repair.

In this course, we will be looking at choosing the right product for specific situations, the equipment, health and safety, including PPE, site preparation, the application process and best methods for applying the PatchMaster range of products. There are four products that are each designed for specific situations.

PatchMaster H570 is suitable for permanent repairs and reinstatements on highway asphalt surfaces and has HAPAS approved highway reinstatements.

PatchMaster H575 is suitable for reinstating footways as it has an increased amount of smaller particles, allowing the reinstatement to meet the requirements for air voids in footways. This product is HAPAS approved for footway reinstatements.

PatchMaster H576 is a permanent asphalt repair material that can be applied in dry or wet conditions and as a permanent repair with cut edges or a long lasting quick-fix repair with no surface preparation.

PatchMaster H572 is suitable for temporary quick fix repairs and reinstatements, plus it can come in a red format if required.

The training academy course will cover the entire Magma PatchMaster Range. The four products are applied using very similar methods, but the application can vary, so we have split those modules into four separate videos for each product.

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