MagmaLine R110 Preformed Thermoplastic Lines & the benefits you get

MagmaLine R110 Preformed Thermoplastic Lines & the benefits you get

When it comes to thermoplastic lines across our highways, we see them all day long. When it comes to preformed thermoplastic, this typically means it is precut, permanent markings. Meon's MagmaLine R110 is a preformed thermoplastic line with good visibility in day or night conditions and excellent skid resistance. It has intermixed glass beads and anti-skid particles incorporated on top and within the material to ensure high performance throughout its functional life.

Traditionally used for utility reinstatement, MagmaLine R110 can be used for new road markings, pavements, rail platforms, car parks, step edgings, and more as the growth of "self-delivery" lines continues.

MagmaLine R110 that has been applied to a road junction

Some of the benefits of preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are that it provides a more precise marking, with predefined shapes eliminating any potential issues during application. Thermoplastic markings can make the overall project more efficient due to shorter application time and decreased downtime; when it comes to its durability, it's perfect for those high traffic and footfall areas, which are ideal for long-lasting results.

The product has an easy process for application, and you will only need a few tools to complete the job. These are a stiff broom, sharp Stanley knife, a gas torch, regulator and bottle.

Before applying the product to the surface, you must ensure that it is dry and free from oil, grease, petrol, waxes and loosely adhered materials before application. If the surface is new or weathered asphalt lightly, preheat the surface using the gas torch. If the surface is new concrete, it should be left to cure for a period of 3 months minimum  Always use or Meon UniPrime X450 to improve adhesion to a concrete substrate.

Note: Protack is due to be discontinued once current stocks dwindle

When applying the product to the surface, place the strip into position and use the gas torch to heat it. It is essential to adjust the temperature setting on the torch so the flame is not too extreme. The preformed shouldn’t be over heated with a target temperature range of 180 – 200deg cel.  Go over the MagmaLine in a pendulum motion, holding the torch no closer than 150mm to the strip. Avoid having the torch in one place, as it will cause the product to scorch. You will notice the product beginning to shrink/melt into the surface profiles.

If you want to check out our step-by-step guide on applying the product, check out our ToolBox Tips on the MagmaLine R110 in our Training Academy by clicking on the image link below.

ToolBox Tips MagmaLine R110

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