Meon attends the LCRIG Innovations Festival July 2022

Meon attends the LCRIG Innovations Festival July 2022

This event was the first of its kind for the highways sector, bringing together local authorities, central government, the supply chain, associations, and academia.

Topics covered at the festival included: maintenance, technology, resilience, winter, sustainability, carbon reduction, procurement, market intelligence and trends, and much more.

Meon's Project Highways Zero (PHZ) campaign was the primary focus point and was shared with hundreds of delegates across the two-day event. PHZ was started in 2020 to highlight how carbon savings can be made across our highway and transportation infrastructure with respect to line marking and surface repairs.

At the event Meon showcased a 100% cold applied "Go Green" Eco Street scene. Within the display zone Meon shared a range of fully cold applied applications;

* Pedestrian crossing markings

* Cycleway and Stencil markings

* Eco-friendly markings and symbols, and

* Anti-skid refresh coatings.

Neil Potter, Head of Marketing at Meon Ltd had this to say “It was a great couple of days and for Meon it gave us an excellent opportunity to share the work we are doing to help drive towards net zero highways, to huge number of people. It was a great event for us.”

Neil added, “Meon took centre stage across the two days with featured demonstrations and presentations. These focused on Meon's new-to-market innovative Eco-friendly products and machinery.”

Featured demonstrations and presentations included:

* Eco ES RoadLiner... All-electric line marking machine

* Cold-lay patch reinstatement solutions using new Magma PermaFyx L273

* Repairing roads the right way... fully cold-lay ironworks system

* Eco-friendly line marking and stencilling using the new LineLazer ES 500 machine

Meon would like to say thanks to everyone who visited us at the event, and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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