Meon OnTour Debut Exhibition with Taylor Woodrow

Tuesday the 5th of September, 2023

Taylor Woodrow Meon Ontour

On Tuesday the 5th of September we had the pleasure of unveiling our brand-new Meon ‘OnTour’ Experience, with a visit to the Taylor Woodrow team, part of the Vinci Group based at the Slade Green Eurovia Depot.

The Meon OnTour trailer was designed as a mobile exhibition allowing us to bring our resources, cutting-edge innovative technology and real-life demonstration to you.

It enables our specialists to teach, share and demonstrate our huge innovative range of line marking and surface repair solutions, designed to deliver the best surfaces in the most effective, eco-friendly and economical way possible.

The personnel from Taylor Woodrow had their very own Meon VIP experience bought to their door step. A day full of knowledge exchange, an insight into innovative solutions and the opportunity for hands on went ahead.

“Bringing the OnTour Experience to Taylor Woodrow was a fantastic opportunity and the day was a great success.

The Taylor Woodrow Team were incredibly engaging and were very willing to get involved during demonstrations and make the most of the opportunity to ask questions."

Russell Smallridge, Head of Decarbonisation Strategy for Meon's Project Highways Zero Campaign

Taylor Woodrow Meon Exibition

Meon 'OnTour' at Taylor Woodrow

The OnTour agenda starts with an introduction to the Meon team and discussion so we can better understand your pain points and future requirements, to help streamline innovation within your current methods of practise.

Our campaign Project Highways Zero is the focus of a CPD style presentation explaining how our campaign proactively supports industry objectives of Safer Highways, Right First-Time approach and The Road Map to Carbon Neutrality.

Meon OnTour Presentation

Meon 'OnTour' at Taylor Woodrow

Following a tasty lunch provided to all personnel attending the OnTour Experience, live demonstrations of our complete ironworks system, crack and joint repairs, quick-fix line marking, highway marking and other line marking equipment went ahead, led by our specialist product advisor & demonstration team.

Meon OnTour Trailer

Meon 'OnTour' at Taylor Woodrow

We take pride in our ability as the leaders in delivering great surfaces nationwide and we have the confidence to host, present, educate and lead the way to more sustainable and economical solutions for your business and the sector as a whole.

If your organisation is looking to learn more about the alternative solutions to your current methods of practise for line marking or surface repair: 

Take the first step in the direction of innovation and click here to begin scheduling a OnTour visit from Meon today.

Taylor Woodrow Meon

Meon 'OnTour' at Taylor Woodrow

Whether you are looking for better practicality, more economical solutions or a complete change to something more sustainable, Meon has the specialist resources and advisors to lead you on your way.

Alternatively, to learn more about the VIP Experience hosted by Meon at our HQ in Portsmouth or if you are interested in scheduling a visit, please click here.

"Having the new trailer really sets a clear focus point for the day and allows us to bring supporting materials to aid with our teachings, which benefits everyone involved.

The day provides a great opportunity to learn how the industry is changing and how as a group we can Implement practical solutions that are more economical and sustainable.

That is really the goal for Meon, to not only deliver great surfaces, but to ensure the future for the industry is Safe, Smart & Sustainable.”

Russell Smallridge, Head of Decarbonisation Strategy for Meon's Project Highways Zero Campaign

Meon OnTour Trailer

The Meon 'OnTour' Trailer

See below for our Debut 'OnTour' Exhibition highlights video. 

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