Meon Strategic Launch Day 2023

Meon Strategic Launch Day 2023

On Tuesday 3rd January Meon hosted our annual New Year Company Launch Day; this time the venue was Marwell Zoo & Hotel.

It was a day where all Meon staff, both UK and Ireland based, come together and immerse themselves into company strategic presentations, training, practical activities, the atmosphere and fill themselves with energy.

Gary Spencer, Managing Director, had this to say... "Meon have set this year, with the theme FAST & EASY... There is no experience like the 'Meon Experience' and we want to ensure that every touch point between our audience and Meon is as swift and effortless as possible."

"We are industry Innovators helping drive productivity and ultimately delivering great surfaces. Together we can propel us forward, both collectively as Meon but also individually in our personal development."

The Meon Launch Day is a place where all staff join together with similarly energised colleagues. Looking ahead at 2023, Meon are excited for the explosion of opportunity and achievement along the way.

Happy New Year to everyone, we look forward to working with you across 2023!

Check out the highlights video...