Line Marking

Maximising productivity through MMA spray application

The Graco LineLazer 5 200MMA 1:1 MMA machine is a reliable walk-behind solution that delivers superior MMA 1:1 performance and guarantees ratio assurance in a compact and affordable package.

This machine features an air-purge gun design which allows for the product to be mixed in the gun, lowering the risk of product drying in the hoses and eliminating build-up of material at the tip.

MMA (methyl-methacrylate) two-component cold plastic line marking materials provide increased durability and longer life performance. The Graco LineLazer 5 200 MMA 1:1 line striper delivers superior MMA 1:1 performance with guaranteed mix ratio in a compact walk behind and affordable package.

Top Benefits

Compact Push Along Machine

  • Manoeuvrable compact size for smaller jobs.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Very cost effective machine in comparison to other MMA cold plastic application equipment.

Precise 1:1 In Gun Mixing

  • Innovative flow divider guarantees 50% material flow of each component.
  • Built-in bypass valve for independent pump operation.

Air Purge Guns

  • Mixes materials “at the gun”.
  • Instant air purge after every spray.
  • Clears all material in the mixing chamber and eliminates any build-up.
  • Quick-release fluid housing lets you easily change the mixing chamber.

More Features:

See the Linelazer 200 5 MMA 1:1 in action

Great for use in…

  • Airports
  • Car parks
  • Highways
  • Roads
  • Town centres
  • Private estates


Technical Specs

Engine Model:                 Honda GX200

Power Rating (HP):         6.2

Maximum Flow Rate:      8.14 (Ltrs/min)

Number of Guns:            Up to 2

Number of Pumps:          2

Weight (kg):                    299

Bead System:                 Yes – Pressurized as standard

*Graco LineDriver Compatible*

Please, contact Charles to discuss any queries you may have on the new Graco Linelazer 5 200 MMA machine. See details below.

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