Reading Borough Council | Try Before You Buy Scheme

Reading Borough Council | Try Before You Buy Scheme

The linemarking industry is changing as legislation demands a shift in focus. Future proofing the Reading Borough Council direct labour operation, requires a dynamic approach to ensure they can continue to deliver a good service for the Borough.

Managing the expectations of the Council Members and constituents is an ongoing challenge. This includes meeting the objectives set out in the Reading Climate Emergency Strategy 2020-25 and being able to report back on progress.

Proposed solution.

With an influx of innovation being brought into highways industry currently, it is important that new solutions are being considered to ensure the expectations of the Council Members are being met by the delivery team in a commercially viable way.

When it comes to road markings, how would you feel if you could promote a system that offers the following in return:

300% ...more durable road markings that last longer.
50% ...reduction in whole-life network Disruption Factor.
60% ...improved safety for the road users in wet-night conditions.
90% ...carbon saving during the application process.

To find out more about the TRY BEFORE YOU BUY scheme please contact our Project Highways Zero team on:

For more information:
Call: 023 9220 0606