Reinstatement Product Comparison: W910 vs QC10

Meon HardMaster vs QC10

Our latest rapid set concrete, HardMaster W910 is now available - This multi-use reinstatement product was developed for use as either a flowable or trowelable rapid set concrete.

We designed HardMaster W910 to help you complete backfilling and haunching installations in the quickest and simplest way, with minimum hassle. 

In our latest vlog we have put this new product to the test against Instarmacs well known equivalent, the QC10 Range of rapid-strength concrete. 

Instarmacs QC10 range is made up of 2 rapid strength concretes - one designed to use as a thicker trowelable conrete and one designed as a flowable concrete.

Instarmac QC10
Instarmac QC10 F

QC10 is a rapid setting concrete designed for thick section repairs, haunching reinstatements, ironwork backfilling and commercial sign/post installation.

QC10 F is a rapid setting, fibre modified concrete for backfilling around manhole frames and gullies and can also be used for surface repairs.

Inspired by Instarmacs QC10 Range, HardMaster W910 has been developed as an alternative choice.

HardMaster W910 is a 10mm rapid strength concrete ideal for any application that requires early strength gain and a quick return to service, with a traffic time of just 90 minutes.  

Typical applications are Ironwork backfilling, haunching and post installations.  

W910 is a pre-blended mix which is easy to use and can be used either as a Trowelable or flowable mix, available in 20kg weatherproof bags.

In our comparison vlog we take a look at each of the product's use cases, packaging, technical data and finally ease of use and application process in a side-by-side installation.  

Our unbiased comparison will look at the real facts and statistics, to keep this head-to-head comparison as transparent and fair as possible.

See the full comparison video below!

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