Traditional wet pour rubber matting in parks creates an uninspiring surface for park users with restricted colour options and textures which can ruin the impression architects and specifiers are aiming for in outdoor projects. Wooden bark provides a short-term alternative but ends up being distributed all over the place. Artificial rubber mulch has a similar and look and feel but with increased safety and more colour options available for specifiers and avoids migration of material as it is encapsulated in a resin.

The rubber mulch artificial material does not degrade like other natural surfaces and thanks to the bound-in nature it does not migrate away from where it is laid. It does not absorb water or nutrients allowing the water to flow easily to the soil beneath. This makes it ideal for more natural areas.


DekorGrip Rubber mulch has various colour options available. The main benefit is that there is no migration of materials, improving the visual appearance and avoiding potential slip hazards.

Discourages Cats, Dogs, and Snails

Fast installation

Permeable  and SUDs compliant

Highly Effective Weed Control

Manufactured from 100% premium recycled tyres, free from fibres and wires, this will allow creation of a unique, low maintenance surface. This is a superb alternative to organic mulches and adds fade resistant colour to play and landscape areas all year round. Being made of rubber the bark will not absorb water, therefore it dries quickly and will not freeze or attract animals and insects. What’s more, it will not migrate from where it is laid, avoiding the costs and trouble of annual replacement.

  • Low Maintenance: No loose bark; does not scatter around
  • Environmental: Allows free flow of air and water to the root zone.
  • Cost Effective: Less expensive does not need replacing regularly.
  • Time-Saving: Highly effective weed control, eliminates the need for trimming and spraying, improving tree health.

Critical Fall Height

Playground operators must choose a surface with a Critical Fall Height rating that matches or exceeds the maximum possible ‘free height of fall’ from their play equipment. A separate Standard, EN 1177:2008, defines the Critical Fall Height tests. An instrumented ‘headform’ representing a child’s head is dropped from various heights onto the test specimen, and its deceleration monitored. The greatest height of fall that keeps maximum deceleration below the permitted level gives the Critical Fall Height rating for the surface product.

Structured To Last

Top Layer – DekorGrip Rubber Mulch surface dressing hand applied at a minimum depth of 40mm and troweled to desired finish.

Base Course – 22mm rubber nuggets typically laid loose – depth depends on Critical Fall Height requirements (CFH) only required for CFH in excess of 2.2m.

Geo-textile membrane

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