Social Distancing Demarcation Kit

Social Distancing Demarcation Kit

Social Distancing Marking Kit

This kit allows multiple formats of pedestrian guidance to ensure correct social distancing in areas where queues and gatherings are likely.

Clear markings are a cheap effective way to inform and improve people flow management in epidemic and pandemic situations.

The Aerosols included are temporary markers which ensures no long lasting impact to the surface and can easily be removed should this be necessary.

Kit includes:

1 x 1000mm Pedestrian,
1 x 300mm Bootprints,
1 x 1000mm Dash Line with Arrow,
1 x 300mm Straight Arrow,
1 x 300mm 90Deg Arrow,
1 x 500mm Face,
1 x Keep Safe/2 Metre Gap/Leave Space,
5 x Tempo TP Biodegradeable Hivis marker (3white, 1blue, 1red),
1 x 50mmx10m Gaffer Tape

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