Testimonial | Hi-Way Services Limited

Testimonial | Hi-Way Services Limited

Customer Testimonial | Hi-Way Services Limited | Danny O'Reilly

Transcript: I don't know if there are any memorable moments working with Meon but there's definitely been times when I've been stuck and I need some material very quickly and they've pulled out all the stops, I think even same day delivery or delivered it to site.

Or I've had Meon guys pick up their phones out of hours and really help us out. More just the support as a line marking and surfacing contractor you just need that little bit extra.

Meon have been really good at showing an introducing new products to us whether it's a new paint, new MMA or new piece of machinery they always bring that product to us.

They'll come see us at our offices, 2,3,4,5 times a year and they'll sit down with us and tell us about the new product, offer the training for the new product and we'll normally trial it and if it works, we'll push it forward to our customers and start purchasing from Meon.

So they are very good at communicating to us a line marking and surfacing contractor any new products and any new innovations or machinery that might be worth trying.