The benefit to Graco Line Marking Machine Spray Tips

Graco Line Marking Machine Spray Tips

When it comes to our range of Graco Line Marking Machine spray tips, the tips are vital to their range. Graco-manufactured spray tips are suitable for various applications, from the most demanding paint jobs to fine finishes. Built to last with the most abrasive-resistant tungsten carbide, by buying a Graco airless spray tip, you can rest assured you'll have a product that will be with you for years to come.

During this session, we will explain the reference number on each tip and how to assemble the tip with a tip seal and a tip guard. Every spray tip has a 3 or 4 digit number on the top of the tip. 

The first number is the angle at which the paint will exit the spray tip. The 3 refers to 30°, 2 would be 20°, 4 is 40° and so on. The higher the number, the wider the spray tip will spray.

Graco spray gun tip guide


To measure the distance from the spray tip to the surface whilst using a Graco LineLazer… you multiply the first digit by 5 to get the actual fan width, an example being 3 x 5 = 15cm. On average when spraying solvent or water-based paint the height from the surface would range from 15cm to 20cm. This can be affected by weather conditions, the pressure (PSI), and the speed of which you are spraying.

The second two numbers are the size of the orifice in the spray tip. The larger the orifice the more the paint passes through the tip. Thicker paints would need larger orifices, unlike solvent based paints that are higher in viscosity levels, which flow much easier compared to MMA and water-based paints. The higher the orifice size the higher the pressure (PSI) will need to be. On average the pressure required for yellow or green tips is around 1200psi to 1500psi, whilst the grey tips are 1800psi to 2500psi. For a 100mm line using ViaLine F210 you will need a 319-lining tip. There are yellow and green tips available for the ES 1000.

Yellow tips are used for lining, spraying at a 2:1:2 ratio, meaning most of the paint sprays to the edges when applying the line. The finished effect should leave a slight softness to the edges. If you wish to have no softness you should apply tape before spraying for clean edge.

The green spray tips or contractor series are used for solvent and water-based paints, these should not be used for line marking, but they are used for large surface areas and stencils. The paint sprays at a 1:2:1 ratio meaning that the thicker paint is sprayed in the centre and over a large surface. To get a consistent paint finish of a 2, you overlay on the edges of the surface or stencil. We recommend taping area before spraying.

graco green spray tip

Every spray tip needs a tip seal and a tip guard. The tip seal needs to be inserted into the base of the tip guard. Take the spray tip between your thumb and first finger with the arrow pointing upwards. The tip seal can then be inserted into the base of the tip guard. Once the tip seal is correctly inserted, the spray tip can be removed.

The spray tip can be inserted into the side of the tip guard with little effort. The tip guard assembly is then screwed hand tight. These spray tips are known as switch tips as they are able to be rotated 180°.

Graco spray gun tip guard

When we rotate the spray tip the residue will now be blown out. Returning the tip 180° to its normal position will mean we can continue spraying our line. 

To remove the tip seal, use the arrow to push the tip seal out of the tip guard. Ensure your hand is cupped under the tip guard to catch the tip seal.

It is important to clean your spray tip using either Meon’s UltraClean X792 Aerosol, which comes in a 500ml can and is used in the cleaning of solvent-based products from smaller items such as spray tips. For MMA products, use UltraClean X795 and for water-based products use UltraClean.



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