The Best Sub-Bases for Your Resin Bound Surface-AR

The Best Sub-Bases for Your Resin Bound Surface-AR

Every Resin Bound surface has a sub-base. And every sub-base brings its own benefits to the surfacing job. Below are the 4 most effective sub-bases to lay Resin Bound aggregates over:


Asphalt is a popular sub-base for a lot of resin bound surfaces, mostly due to many surfaces already having it laid way before the installation of the resin aggregates. Having Asphalt underneath your resin bound surface creates an attractive and durable surface that allows the free flow of air and water, whilst also remaining easy to clean.


Similarly to Asphalt, concrete is often already there when the resin bound surfacing is being installed, making it another popular choice for a resin bound sub-base. A concrete sub-base provides a seamless, porous, and flexible roadway, as well as ensuring a high durability for areas with a lot of traffic.


EcoGrid is a sub-base that reinforces the ground, allowing all types of trafficking – from pedestrians to HGVs. Made from recycled materials, EcoGrid provides an attractive, durable, and permeable surface when installed underneath a resin bound surface, and is quick and easy to install.