The pros & cons of water based line marking paint

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The pros & cons of water based line marking paint


In this ever-changing world, alternative products are being investigated to their limits to see if they offer any more benefits compared to current practises.  One of these products being adopted more regularly in the United Kingdom is water-based (waterbourne) paints.

Already used heavily in some European countries, waterbourne paints have many benefits, and other factors you need to consider before looking to use on upcoming projects.

The clear advantage of using water-based paints is the absence of solvents, which in turn means an odour free paint, with better implications for the environment.  Using water-based paints impact other areas as there is now no need to use solvent based thinners, or cleaners for your machine, again reducing the impact on the environment.

Another advantage of water-based paints is the improved durability. Compared to a solvent-based paint, there is a chemical reaction as water-based paints cure, so in like-for-like scenarios, water-based paints will last longer, and withstand greater traffic.

There is also advantage with the storage and transport of paint, as water-based paints are non-flammable and non-hazardous, reducing the need for special paint storage and transport, saving time, and money.

One factor you need to consider before using water-based paints is the weather and surface conditions you are looking to line mark, as water-based paints are more susceptible to changes.  In colder weather, water-based paints will take longer to cure, and could stop curing altogether until the temperature rises again.  Surface moisture affects all line-marking and could also prevent water-based paints from curing in time and to full strength. 

The temperature of the actual product can also affect how it sprays, with product often needing thinning, and different tips required in colder weather.  This can be solved by keeping the water-based paint in controlled temperature storage, and keeping warm prior to using in colder weather.

Another factor to consider is what material you are spraying currently, as Graco LineLazers can’t switch instantly from solvent-based paints to water-based paints.  We recommend a full clean of the machine to prevent paint congealing and blocking hoses and pipes.

In conclusion, water-based paints are an excellent all round option for a wide variety of linemarking projects. Solvent-free so reduced odour, reduced impact on the environment and increased durability, water-based paints have significant potential to be used more in the United Kingdom.

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