Sustainable Cultivation: Meon's Urban Garden Project

Friday the 22nd of September, 2023

Meon CSR Garden with Meon team

The Meon Team got their green fingers stuck into some sustainable crafting on Friday the 22nd of September by working together to build flowerbeds, using up-cycled wooden pallets.

This team-building activity was a chance for the team to relieve stress, have some fun and work in a collaborative effort to add some colour to our new employee Urban Garden.

The Meon Urban Garden has been an ongoing project since the start of the summer. A simple idea to turn a previously unused area in the yard into a green chill out garden was welcomed by all. Over the course of the summer the Urban Garden was developed, with a focus around using up-cycled wooden pallets for decor.  

Meon CRS flowerbed making2

The recycled wooden pallets, which might have otherwise ended up as waste, were transformed into functional stylish pieces and then painted with water-based paint. This decision was not just about reducing waste; it was about upcycling and giving new life to materials.

Team Meon put the finishing touches on the Urban Garden last Friday by building and planting 4 flowerbed planters, each contributing their unique touch to the garden. The act of gardening is known to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

Meon Urban garden

By planting a variety of flowers, we're not only enhancing the visual charm of our workspace but also supporting local urban wildlife and fighting climate change. Flowers are essential for pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are crucial for maintaining the local biodiversity. 

Team Meon Flowerbeds

As we continue to nurture our garden and watch it flourish, we are reminded the benefit of taking a break in nature for productivity and the importance of sustainability. At Meon, our culture is evolving, our well-being is improving, and our commitment to a greener society remains unchanged.

Meon CRS flowerbed making

“As part of our committed efforts to advance the culture within Meon, improve wellbeing and encourage sustainability our team took part in a project creating a green garden space to enjoy throughout the year.

Employees were invited to join in a therapeutic team building exercise by planting a selection of flowers, helping to finalise the last touches of the Meon Culture Garden.

 In order to improve sustainability, the team used Meon water-based paint for decor along with repurposed wooden pallets. Planting flowers helps to encourage wellbeing, support the wildlife and fight climate change, it’s a small step where every little effort counts. "

Emilie Ruos - CSR Management