ThermaBand R172 Overbanding Tape

ThermaBand R172 Overbanding Tape

MAGMA ThermaBand R172 is a premium over banding tape product made from preformed thermoplastic, used to seal joints in asphalt surfaces. This heat on strip can be used when a joint is made between an existing and new asphalt surface, usually as a result of utility instalments or a patch repair or pothole repair.

When asphalt repairs are carried out to the highest standard, the new surface should be finished tight up against the existing road surface with no voids or requirement for infill. Over banding is not recommended if there is any gap between the new & existing surfaces.

Using the over banding in these instants is good practise because in the likely event of any shrinkage or thermal movement, the water can be prevented from finding its way in and causing it to open up over time due to freeze thaw cycle.

The tape contains a plasticised rosin ester blended with bitumen and selected polymers. The product incorporates aggregates to produce a finely textured finish with an SRV of ≥60 to comply with DMRB.

All HAPAS approvals involve laboratory and road tests, site inspection, performance trials and an evaluation of production. Data generated from these key elements are assessed by the BBA’s technical experts and, if acceptable, will form the basis of a draft Certificate which will be drawn up and circulated to HiTAC for their comments. Only then will the Certificate be issued.

After the Certificate has been issued the BBA ensures that the manufacture, specification and performance of the product is maintained by conducting a minimum of two surveillance visits per year and three-yearly Reviews of the product’s performance in use.

Magma ThermaBand R172 over banding is easy to lay, durable and meets Highway Standards without the need for boilers and associated hot-work risks. The tape comes in a 5m length role.

Take a look at our Training Academy video ToolBox Tips on the Overbanding for more detailed information.


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