Together we’re positive and connected COVID-19/Coronavirus Statement

Together we’re positive and connected COVID-19/Coronavirus Statement

Dear Customers


Firstly, we wish to register our sympathy with those affected by the
current pandemic, both in their health and the consequent disruption. We
stand in full support of the authorities as they seek to plan and react

momentarily in these tumultuous times.


With the developing situation economically, you can be absolutely
assured of the continuation of both support and supplies from Meon.

Over the last number of years, we’ve made a huge investment into
systems, software and processes. On top of this our partners in the
supply chain have looked ahead and our product sourcing is spread
broadly, with no direct dependence on inaccessible markets.

All office staff have the ability to operate competently from any
location, having been cloud based both for systems and telephony for
many months Every call is being answered and we can transfer calls,
process any quotes or orders and support with any technical enquiry.

Our sales team are available on the usual numbers and ready for any
video call or conference, including helping on-site situations, external
works being one industry that keeps rolling!

The warehouses in Portsmouth and Ireland are well stocked, with more
product on route as we (hopefully) move into better weather conditions.

Whilst we are partly reliant on external couriers for delivery, we will
do whatever it takes to serve the industry and keep things moving.

In summary…


  • Let’s be positive – we’ll make it through as we work together.
  • You can communicate with us and lean on us – we’re ready to serve.
  • Stocks of fast moving products have been doubled up – we commit to
  • continuity of supply.


Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any of the