ToolBox Tips: Magma SkidGrip Anti-Skid Repair System Unpacking the kit & best practices

ToolBox Tips: Magma SkidGrip Anti-Skid Repair System Unpacking the kit & best practices

Hello, and welcome to Meon's latest ToolBox Tips video where we are unpacking the Magma SkidGrip repair system for anti-skid surfaces. Once unpacked we will be discussing the best practices when mixing and preparing SkidGrip X348.

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Magma SkidGrip X348 is a BBA certified repair system, which is an MMA anti-skid surface product that comes as a self-contained kit, as you can see here. So let's get stuck in and unpack the kit.

The main contents of the kit includes a two-pack polyurethane (PU) resin system... part A and part B. Along with this you will get protective gloves, a mixing tool, an application tool including marking out tape, and a very simple 4 step application guide.

Finally, the last part of the kit is the aggregate. Here we have our Bold Red option, but we have a selection of colours available on our website. The system is ideal for reinstating anti-skid and High Friction Surfaces (HFS) after utility works.

The kits are simple to use and are the ideal solution for reinstatement crews. It will allow systems to be completed in one visit with a controlled, rapid curing time, providing a tough and durable product with long service life.

Benefits of using the Magma SkidGrip X348 kits is that it is catalyst controlled, meaning that it is rapid curing and can be open to traffic within 1 hour.

It is a non-toxic binder system, which is tough and durable with a long service life. Supplied as a complete 'all in one tub' solution for simplicity, it requires no specialist equipment for application and can be applied easily by any reinstatement gang.

So you've seen the kit, now lets head outside to run through best practices for mixing and using the sysem.


Thoroughly sweep surface and ensure it is sound, dry and free from mud, oils and grease.

Tape out any edges using masking tape, this is also available from Meon.


Mix Resin Part A thoroughly with Part B for 2-3 minutes until an uniform material is achieved.

Pour the mixed resin onto surface and spread evenly using 4mm serrated squeegee and allow resin to flow flat.


Immediately broadcast aggregate over surface until it is fully covered, ensuring no resin remains exposed.

Remove the tape after 30 minutes and brush aggregate into the edges.


Once resin has cured, lightly brush surface to remove all excess aggregate.

Cure Time Depends on surface and air temperature. Be Aware:

COLD = Longer cure time and HOT, Shorter cure time

There is a wealth of information on our website such as white papers, data sheets and more. If you have any requirements for anti-skid surface repair, give us a call on 023 9220 0606 or drop us an email at