ToolBox Tips: Unboxing of the PermaFyx L273 and how to apply

ToolBox Tips: Unboxing of the PermaFyx L273 and how to apply

Hello, and welcome to Meon’s latest ToolBox Tips video where we are unpacking the Magma PermaFyx L273 the MMA Surface repair product and we will be discussing the best practices when mixing, preparing, and applying this product.

PermaFyx L273 is an MMA based product designed for reinstatements around ironworks, repairing potholes, and other defected asphalt surfaces. The methyl methacrylate formulation of the product gives it very good adhesion to the the substrate, allows for flexibility within the product, and cures fast for quick return to service. PermaFyx L273 has exceptional durability, holds up in heavy traffic with no settling and does not lose surface texture, maintaining the slip resistance over its lifetime.

Let’s get stuck in and unpack the kit… PermaFyx L273 is supplied in a 12kg bucket, along with a bag of aggregate.  Inside the bucket is a 2kg tin of resin, 10kg bag of powder, a sachet of catalyst and a mixing stick.

PermaFyx L273 is available with 2 sizes of aggregate, 1-3mm or 3-5mm. In this video we are using the 3-5mm aggregate, however the process for mixing and applying is the same for both types of aggregate.


To mix the PermaFyx L273 you will need a twin handled mixing drill with a mixing paddle.  The best mixing paddle to use is the Helical style which is 120mm in diameter. A larger paddle creates too much shear force, and a small paddle will take a long time to sufficiently mix the material.

PermaFyx L273 is applied using a trowel, we recommend the Ox Pro Finishing Trowel which works well to compact and smooth over the material to create the correct finish.  If you are reinstating an area of reasonable size, you may want to use a straight edge to make sure the reinstatement is an even height across the area.

Make sure you also have UltraClean X795, a cleaning brush and some rags ready to clean your equipment off.


Before mixing the material, ensure the reinstatement area is suitably prepared.  The substrate needs to be sound, clean, and dry; any loose material and dirt must be brushed out of the area.

The edges of the reinstatement can be cut to provide a vertical edge; however, it is not critical and the PermaFyx L273 can be tapered down to a thin edge, at a minimum thickness of 5mm when using the 1-3mm aggregate, or a minimum of 10mm when using the 3-5mm aggregate.


PermaFyx L273 has been designed to be easy to mix, where all the components are mixed to give a consistent mix every time and no measuring out is required.

Add the sachet of catalyst into the resin and give it a quick mix with the mixing stick provided. Then pour all the resin into the bucket.

Add the whole bag of powder to the resin and mix for approximately 30 seconds, until the mix is consistent and there are no lumps of powder.  You may need to scrape around the edge of the bucket to make sure no lumps are stuck there.

Add the whole bag of aggregate into the bucket and mix for a further 60 seconds, until the mix is consistent and there is no uncovered or dry aggregate.  It is important to make sure the mixture is consistent because if there are any patches of resin-rich material, this will create a smooth surface.

If you are reinstating an area which requires more than one kit, start mixing the next kit immediately so that the material is mixed and ready to use once the previous kit has been applied, and you can keep a wet edge between mixes to avoid any joints in the reinstatement.


Tip the PermaFyx L273 into the area of application and spread evenly up to the required surface level.  It is important to apply pressure when spreading and smoothing over to compact the material sufficiently and reduce air voids.

PermaFyx L273 Application

The working life of PermaFyx L273 is approximately 5 minutes, dependant on temperature.  The material may start sticking to the trowel if you are still trying to apply beyond the stated working life, if this happens then give the trowel a quick clean with UltraClean X795 and you will then be able to smooth over the surface without the material sticking.

Once you have completed the reinstatement, clean all tools and equipment with UltraClean X795.

PermaFyx L273 takes approximately 30minutes to cure before it can be opened to traffic.

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