Virtual Expo 5.0: The ES RoadLiner the UK's first all-Electric Highways Grade Line Marking Machine

Virtual Expo 5.0: The ES RoadLiner the UK's first all-Electric Highways Grade Line Marking Machine

Meon have had the immense pleasure of introducing the new, all electric, ES RoadLiner in 2021. This is not the start of the journey and certainly not the end, but it is the point at which we invite you, and indeed the whole highway sector, to join us in this Virtual EXPO to understand the 3 main principles behind the built of this machine.

Confessedly, we are not die-hard environmentalists, but we do support government, so when the current administration set out its plans to reduce carbon emissions, we listened.

Furthermore, when the funding of our sector became heavily reliant on being able to show effort in reducing carbon, something had to be done. Too often, though, innovations steer to a new focus point, and previous hard-won improvements can be lost. The ES Roadliner had to deliver improvements in sustainability, while still providing safety and durability in every way.

In our 5th edition of the Meon Virtual EXPO, we will be going through the following key principles:

The Safety Element of the ES RoadLiner

The machine needed to be safe for the operator and capable of doing big jobs with a small support unit. We wanted to avoid hot works, which is the single most significant cause of incidents within the line marking industry and a potential risk to the public.

The Durability Element of the ES RoadLiner

Building a machine using proven engineering was essential. We chose to use Graco pump systems and drive train because of their proven reliability in the industry for over 30 years. A machine that had the ability to apply a range of marking types was vital, from water and solvent based to two pack epoxy and, finally, a high-performance MMA (METHYL METHACRYLATE) system.

The Sustainability Element of the ES RoadLiner

There is a growing demand for carbon reduction from central government contracts through to regional construction companies and local distribution providers. Indeed, electrically powered plants and machinery are becoming a common sight. Our only option was a fully electric unit, reducing both carbon output and minimising noise at 82 dcBs.

Take a look in more detail on what makes the ES RoadLiner the highways line marker of the future.